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The Attico

Responsibilities: User interface & concept
UX & mentoring: Ronit Klein, Create school
Platform: Desktop and mobile
The challenge: To keep the brand's value: design, branding, colors and atmosphere
Competitors: Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney, Chloé, Dior, Missoni, Gucci
Target Audience: The independent, modern, trendy and fashion conscious woman from high society
Design tone: Classic & minimalistic
User interface & concept
Create school, Nelly Binyamin
Mobile app
The challenge:
Create a user friendly mobile app that enables the upscale tourist to customise a lavish travel experience in Morocco.
Responsibilities: User interface & concept
UX: Create school
Platform: Desktop
The challenge: To keep the brand's value: design, branding, colors and atmosphere
The goal

Express The Attico’s brand values

The guideline of my design starts from the basic DNA of The Attico:
the combination of classy and bold.
I wanted to create a clean atmosphere and also to show the colorful side of the brand.
The values

To have a clear, easy to use and seamless experience for navigating the website

Trendy & Fashionable
Build an exclusive, elegant look. To make a combination of typography and pictures of the brand
Straight lines and transparent colors
Using the brand’s color palette

Light and delicate

I chose to use thin and straight lines at the icon design, the goal was to get the look and feel of the brand: classic and clean.

The fonts were chosen in the mode of a modern and trendy design

The target was to create an edgy but elegant look, with font combinations that both connect to fashion and generate a classic atmosphere. I used a bold font in contrast to delicate design elements to create a balanced appearance.

Home page

I wanted to create an edgy but elegant style, both classic and minimalistic, in keeping with the brand values.
Home Page

Product page

Just like the brand’s DNA and products - clean and minimalistic, I used an elegant and simple layout.
Product Page

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